genetic gain

Our aim is to breed the most profitable sheep we can for our environment. For us this means optimsing production, reducing costs, and maximising welfare. 


We are looking to slightly increase our fleece weight, which is already above industry average and maintain our micron, which is currently 18. We are always striving to increase our lambing percentage.


We are looking to increase our early growth so that we can join a higher proportion of our ewe lambs and hook our merino wether lambs. For a long time, we have had an emphasis on selecting 'good doing animals' which is reflected in our high fat and eye muscle measurements. These traits give our sheep the ability to have 'something spare in the tank' to deal with challenges, whatever they may be (feed deficits over summer and lambing/lactating etc). 

Welfare traits are of strong importance to us as well, and they often go hand in hand with a reduction in labour. We have selected for worm resistance to reduce the impact of worms on the sheep and use of chemicals. A strong focus on breech wrinkle and cover has helped us fast track towards non-mulesing.